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About NellyB

Hi, I’m Neil , a graphic designer based in Coventry.
I have worked in the creative industry for over 20 years, and I have the experience and knowledge needed to deliver the right solution for you and your project. I like to help companies and businesses represent themselves in a creative way. My work with clients starts with a conversation, a pencil and paper and ideas that are unique, which is then taken through to the final design. I try to understand the businesses I work with and their products, and then offer input into the designs. 

My creative life started early, with an interest in the arts which has continued to this day. I take inspiration from everything around me, from museum visits to record sleeve designs. I’ve always got a ‘design’ eye on the world around me, and try to incorporate what I see into my work.

When I’m not in my design studio, I enjoy mountain biking, going for walks and photography, and live music events. You can see more of my outdoor life here on my instagram page @theneilcatchpole

If you would like to discuss your design project
call me on 07866 317764
email me –